Do you have a doctor that knows you? A doctor that can see or talk to you on the same day you call? Do you want a doctor who will talk with you about the costs of your care before they order the test or write the prescription? Do you want to feel like more than just a number at your doctor’s office?

Hassle-free healthcare on your terms!

Dr. John Hallgren

Dr. Hallgren went into family medicine to keep families healthy- not to fill out insurance paperwork and be told he can only spend 10 minutes with a patient. He recognizes the fact that true healthcare requires a trusted relationship between doctor and patient and that happens by seeing YOUR doctor and knowing that they are available to you when you need them.

In addition to providing a full scope of family practice, Mission Direct Primary Care focuses on three things:

  • Affordable and predictable monthly memberships that include all of your office visits
  • Access to YOUR doctor when and how you need them
  • Treating our members like people- not a number or an insurance plan

By kicking-out the insurance middleman of his practice Dr. Hallgren is building something very special and rare in today’s broken health system. He is building a practice that is focused on personal relationships, access, and value.

Our monthly membership allows us to make primary care very simple. Once you enroll in Mission Direct Primary Care you have a great family medicine team on your side who is available to you when and how you need them- not how the insurance company dictates.

YES! You actually have your doctor’s number to call when you need them- even after-hours and on weekends!

Mission Direct Primary Care membership is a great fit for people with high deductibles, people using health sharing ministries, or people who choose to not use health insurance. We offer two membership options Primary Care Complete or Telehealth+. Our pricing is simple and transparent:

Primary Care Complete includes all in-person and telehealth visits and costs $99 per month for the first adult in a family, $79 for the second, and $39 per child with a $299 per month max per family.

Telehealth+ includes unlimited telehealth visits, including phone calls, texts, and video visits. In person appointments are available on a discounted, cash-pay basis. Telehealth+ membership is $55 per month for adults and $39 per child with a one-time comprehensive initial visit that cost $185 for adults and $50 for kids. The initial visit fee is postponed during the COVID-19 restriction period.

Membership Includes:

  • All office visits (no fee for Primary Care Complete, discounted fee for Telehealth+
  • After-hours access to your doctor by phone or text for urgent needs
  • Same or next-day appointments for urgent needs
  • Unrushed, longer office visits
  • Annual physical exam (Telehealth+ fee applies) and comprehensive health review
  • Annual blood-tests and pap smears
  • Women’ health visits
  • Well baby and child visits including school and sports physicals
  • Unlimited communication by phone, text, or email
  • No co-Payment or per-visit fees for Primary Care Complete members
  • Wholesale lab pricing
  • Guidance in finding cheaper cash pay options for prescriptions, imaging, and specialist visits
  • Management of acute & chronic medical problems
  • Preventive health
  • In-office procedures like mole removals and joint injections
  • Coordination of care with specialists, if needed
  • Discounted, cash pay pricing for in-person visits and procedures for Telehealth+ members

Our Happy Members Explain It Best:

Highly recommend these guys – very personalized physician services, and their model actually allows them to spend enough time as is necessary to really listen to what you need. 

-BM via Google

Dr. Hallgren and Elizabeth are a delight to work with. They’re professional and caring, which means a lot to me, and it’s reassuring to know they’re available for any emergencies that could happen in our family. I’d strongly recommend Mission Direct as a primary care doctor!

WC via Google

We understand that by using a membership model we are asking you to profoundly change how you currently pay for your healthcare. We frequently hear the concerns of “I never go to the doctor” or “I have to pay membership on top of my already expensive insurance premiums?”

Dr. Hallgren and the Mission Direct Primary Care team are doing things differently to offer a different and better result. Over 50% of Americans avoid going to the doctor because they are worried about what it will cost. This is leading to bad health outcomes due to avoiding preventative care and health concerns. What are you avoiding talking to your doctor about?

Yes, you are paying a lot of money in insurance premiums. But premiums do not provide care. With ever-increasing deductibles, you are subject to more surprise bills and out of pocket costs. Our monthly membership is transparent and predictable- you know what you will pay to see the doctor. Monthly memberships allow you to budget for the healthcare your family needs instead of being shocked by a surprise bill or an expensive urgent care visit.

Check out this blog post for a true story of how one simple healthcare need cost almost as much as an annual membership with Mission Direct Primary Care.

If you still have questions about Mission Direct Primary Care membership give us a call at