Health share plans (sometimes called health share ministries) are a noninsurance alternative to health insurance plans. Health shares are medical cost-sharing arrangements established for the purpose of sharing legitimate health expenses between members. Health share plans are also a good wrap around product for Mission Direct Primary Care members because they offer a tool for addressing expensive healthcare needs that are not included in a direct primary care membership.

How Do Health Share Plans Work?

Simply, health share plans work to help you manage the expense of large health care costs like hospitalizations, MRIs, specialist visits. As a member of a health share, you agree to pay an initial unshareable amount when you have a larger health expense. After you pay that amount the share pool will then pay the remainder of the bill.

When plans are paired with a direct primary care membership you have a comprehensive plan to pay for your actual health care instead of just paying for access to health coverage. Health share plans can be a much more cost-effective option and many plans discount their monthly membership price for direct primary care members because they recognize that they use a lot less expensive health care.

For example, for a family of four a Sedera plan with a $1000 initial unshareable amount and a Mission Direct Primary Care membership costs:

$467 (Sedera) plus $256 (Mission Direct Primary Care membership) = $723 a month

$723 per month for a family of four including all of your primary care appointments. Not bad considering that the average premium of a family plan on the ACA is $1200 for a family which includes NO ACTUAL HEALTHCARE, remember your direct primary care membership includes all of your primary care visits and after-hours calls for urgent needs.

Do Your Own Research

Through our membership billing platform, you can purchase a Sedera membership. However, we do not have a financial relationship with Sedera and although we think it is a good product we highly recommend you do your own research. Check out this great article to get started and this blog post to learn how health shares work with a Mission Direct Primary Care membership. You can find Sedera pricing information here.

There are several options available. Common plans include LibertySamaritan, SederaMedi Share, and Zion Health. Each plan is a little different in their pricing, policies, and member guidelines. If you are researching health share plans be sure to sign up below to receive our health share comparison worksheet to help you organize your information.