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Isn’t it time you had a personal relationship with your doctor?

Enrolling in Mission Direct Primary Care in Omaha provides you and your family personal access to your physician who knows you and your health needs.  Your physician will always return your calls, emails and texts and have same or next day appointments available for urgent health needs. We also offer longer appointment times to address all of your concerns and keep you healthy.  All for a simple, fixed-rate, monthly membership fee.

Can you imagine being able to budget for your family’s medical expenses?  A Mission Direct Primary Care membership typically covers 80-90% of health care needs for an average year. We will also work with you to get the most value out of your HSA and deductible dollars should the need arise. We will also always help you find the best pricing for your prescriptions.

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Once you are enrolled, make an appointment for an initial visit so you can access all your membership offers.  We won’t charge the monthly membership fee until you schedule your first appointment and you have 90 days to complete the initial appointment.  After 90 days with no appointment, we reserve the right to cancel your membership. The enrollment fee is not refundable.