For Individuals

We are committed to transparent pricing

Why is a doctor’s appointment the only thing you purchase without knowing how much it is going to cost? Why are most hospitals and clinics more concerned about the insurance card you have in your wallet than how you are feeling? Why do many providers spend more time typing into their laptops than looking you in the eye and listening to your concerns? Why do you have to wait an average of three weeks to see your doctor for less than ten minutes, after a forty-five minute wait in the waiting room?

Mission Direct Primary Care was created by Dr. John Hallgren to put the focus back on the relationship, access, and value that a full-scope family medicine clinic can provide. We have the time to get to know you and fully understand your needs. We respect our patients’ time, we will call you if we are running late and we usually have appointments readily available. We are committed to removing the barriers to access healthcare.

We firmly believe in cost transparency and predictability- all of our prices are right here on our website. We offer three types of pricing plans:

  • Monthly memberships that provide excellent access and predictable costs- they are a great fit for families and people managing chronic diseases
  • Single visits, for when you just need to see the doctor but don’t want to face medical bill roulette.
  • We also partner with Zion Health cost sharing to offer a complete health cost and care coverage solution for folks who are on their own for health coverage.