How is Mission Direct Primary Care Different?

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In this video, Dr. John Hallgren discusses how Mission Direct Primary Care is different from traditional primary care clinics. First, we can tailor the time scheduled for an appointment to the specific needs of the patient. For example, schedule an hour to fully discuss long-term health concerns or walk-in for a quick ear check before you leave on a trip, it is up to the patient and their doctor what is needed.

Appointments are often available on the same day or next day for urgent needs and your personal doctor is always just a phone call away. There is also never any hidden costs, per-visit, or co-pay charges. If additional tests are needed we always discuss costs beforehand which eliminates surprise bills.


“Mission Direct Primary Care offers relationship, access, and value.”

“Your typical experience is that you go see a doctor in a crammed appointment schedule and you see him or her for five to seven minutes, which is the average visit for a primary care visit. You don’t know what it’s going to cost if they’ve ordered labs or other testing and you can walk out wondering exactly what exactly happened there.”

“We’re going to change that for you. You are going to have the appointment time that you need. Whether that’s 60 minutes or two minutes. If we do things that are not included with your membership we’re going to talk about price and you’re going to know what it’s going to cost before we do any additional testing.”

About Mission Direct Primary Care

Mission Direct Primary Care is a membership-based family medicine clinic in Omaha, NE. We do not take or bill insurance, or charge per-visit or co-pays because our members pay a reasonable monthly fee.

Our founder, Dr. John Hallgren, believes that you deserve a personal relationship with your doctor who has the time to practice full-scope family medicine to keep you from unnecessary and expensive referrals.  Someone you know and can rely on to always call you back on the same day and have readily available appointments for your urgent needs. Dr. Hallgren also believes that you deserve to understand the costs in order to best budget for your healthcare expenses. 

Dr. Hallgren created Mission Direct Primary Care to provide patients in Omaha exactly that. Relationship. Access. Value.

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Elizabeth Hallgren is Co-Founder of Mission Direct Primary Care. She is focused on working with individuals and businesses to minimize the amount of money they spend on health care while receiving the highest level of care. Elizabeth has worked in healthcare marketing since 2011. She was entrepreneurship faculty at Tippie School of Business at the University of Iowa. She has worked with over 200 entrepreneurs to develop and scale sustainable business models. Ms. Hallgren has been an invited presenter at several conferences on entrepreneurship and economic development. She earned her M.B.A. at the University of West Florida.


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