Five Ways A Direct Primary Care Membership Saves You Time

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It isn’t all in your head. You are busier than you were in the past or that your parents were in their prime working years. According to research done by the Economic Policy Institute, Americans work 7.8% more hours a year than they did in 1979. Pair that with the US Census estimate of 61% of US families have both parents working and it is easy to say- we are incredibly busy. Unlike insurance based practices, the direct primary care model is working to help alleviate the stress on families caused by lack of time.

On average it takes 24 days to get an appointment with a doctor making it nearly impossible to get care from your provider when you need it. This leads to expensive and anonymous visits to urgent care or minute clinic. When you actually get to see your doctor the average in-office wait time is 40 minutes. Who has time for that? Noone.

At Mission Direct Primary Care we are founded on the principles of direct primary care, an innovation in the way primary care is delivered. We don’t take or bill insurance. Our members pay a reasonable monthly fee and enjoy a personal and direct relationship with their family physician. By cutting out the meddling insurance middle man we can deliver your care in a way that works best to meet your healthcare needs which ultimately saves both time and money.

Here are five ways that a Mission Direct Primary Care membership can save you time:

  1. Need quick advice on when to worry about your infant’s fever? Or do you need to discuss the side effects of a new medication? Give us a call and your personal doctor will always call you back on the same day. You can also reach them by email or text if that works better for you, even after hours and on the weekend for urgent needs. No more waiting days for a callback or being forced to come in for an office visit when a phone call will take care of things.
  2. Do you need to be seen and can’t wait over three weeks for your doctor’s next available appointment? Mission Direct Primary Care always has same day or next day appointments available for urgent needs and routine visits available within a few days if not sooner.
  3. Is it back to school time and you need to get the whole gang in for physicals? We are happy to see the entire brood in one appointment saving you repeated trips to the clinic. We can also see multiple family members for sick-care visits.
  4. Just want a quick ear check on your little one? Let us know and we will fit you in on that very day. Are you finally ready to have a comprehensive health evaluation and want to discuss a myriad of issues and symptoms? Let us know and we will book you for an hour with your personal doctor who is ready to work to develop a health plan that meets your goals.
  5. Finally, say good-bye to the waiting room. We book our patients one at a time and leave plenty of time to take care of your needs. Our doctors running late isn’t really a thing- BUT if it does happen we will definitely give you a call because we respect your time as much as we respect you as a person and a member.

How do we have such flexibility? Our membership model enables our physicians to carry a smaller patient load than doctors practicing in traditional insurance-based models. Our goal is 800-1000 patients per physician. Compare that to the 2,300 patients an insurance-based primary care physician is assigned. Mission Direct Primary Care’s smaller patient load means increased flexibility, access, and availability, for our members. Because we are not getting paid by the number of people seen in a day our patients are in control of how they schedule appointments based on their needs.

Interested in learning more? Check out our membership and pricing details and frequently asked questions or give us a call at 402-509-8964.

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Elizabeth Hallgren is Co-Founder of Mission Direct Primary Care. She is focused on working with individuals and businesses to minimize the amount of money they spend on health care while receiving the highest level of care. Elizabeth has worked in healthcare marketing since 2011. She was entrepreneurship faculty at Tippie School of Business at the University of Iowa. She has worked with over 200 entrepreneurs to develop and scale sustainable business models. Ms. Hallgren has been an invited presenter at several conferences on entrepreneurship and economic development. She earned her M.B.A. at the University of West Florida.


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