How do direct primary care and a health share ministry work together?

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Mission Direct Primary Care membership works perfectly with a health share ministry. Health share plans, such as Liberty, Samaritan, Sedera, Medi Share, or Zion Health, among others are a non-insurance alternative to mitigate the risk of high healthcare bills by members grouping together to share each other’s medical costs.

Health sharing ministry
Health Share Ministry Plans can be a smart financial decision.

If you have a health share ministry plan you have made a very cost-effective choice to protect you and your family from high medical bills. However, due to the policies surrounding the initial unshareable amount you may still be paying out of pocket for primary care. Primary care amounts to 80-90% of what you spend money on in a given year. To address this gap some health share ministry plans will include a fixed amount of urgent visits or access to telemedicine.

But is telemedicine and urgent care really a solution to the primary care needs of health share ministry members?

Over here at Mission Direct Primary Care we do not think urgent care and telemedicine are a solution and the medical research agrees. Research supports that continuity of care leads to higher patient satisfaction and reduced costs. 

“According to survey data at the National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine, patients said they were more satisfied with the health care they received when there was continuity of care through the same provider. Other research shows continuity of care may actually reduce health care costs. Data showed that the more doctors a patient encountered generally meant a higher cost and more utilization of the health care system.”

Linda Doell, The Morning Call

In addition, although urgent care centers offer lower prices than emergency rooms they are not optimized for cash-pay patients. At Mission Direct Primary Care any lab test that is outside of our included suite of annual bloodwork will be provided to you at our wholesale rate. For example, a cholesterol screen cost our members $12 versus up to $100 billed at some insurance-based practices and urgent care centers. We have worked to find the best cash-pay services for imaging and specialist referrals which all work together to keep your costs down which is ideal for health share ministry members.

Many health share ministries recognize that members with a direct primary care membership utilize the share pool less frequently. Some plans will even incentivize direct primary care membership by either discounting the monthly share amount or allowing members to share a portion of their direct primary care membership fees. 

Call your health share plan today to see how they work with direct primary care.

Are you ready to learn more about how Mission Direct Primary Care’s predictable and transparent pricing can save you money and provide you with a personal relationship with your doctor? You can access a pre-recorded info session through the form below. We also have regular Q & A Sessions at the clinic- check Facebook for the details.


Elizabeth Hallgren is Co-Founder of Mission Direct Primary Care. She is focused on working with individuals and businesses to minimize the amount of money they spend on health care while receiving the highest level of care. Elizabeth has worked in healthcare marketing since 2011. She was entrepreneurship faculty at Tippie School of Business at the University of Iowa. She has worked with over 200 entrepreneurs to develop and scale sustainable business models. Ms. Hallgren has been an invited presenter at several conferences on entrepreneurship and economic development. She earned her M.B.A. at the University of West Florida.


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