Complete Healthcare Solution

Mission Direct Primary Care + Zion Health

Mission Direct Primary Care and Zion Health have come together to offer both primary care services and protection for major medical expenses that fall outside the scope of primary care. Your Zion Health membership provides a way to manage large medical expenses and Dr. Hallgren can take care of your primary care needs for transparent prices.

Individual and Family Solutions Available

 Check out Zion Health for health share pricing and details.

Mission Direct Primary Care 

See What Is Included:

  • Simple, easy direct pay model with transparent pricing
  • No co-pays, no insurance billing, no hidden costs
  • More time with your doctor (30 min+ appointments upon patient request)
  • Telemedicine available
  • Easy access to your doctor
  • Wellness focused, preventive approach
  • Low prices on labs 


See What Is Included:

  • No annual or lifetime sharing limits
  • 100% eligible medical expenses shared after $1,000 responsibility
  • Attentive needs processing, normally provider is paid directly within 5 business days
  • We negotiate larger medical expenses for you
  • Can work directly with provider of your choice
  • Give to others in need monthly with your contributions
  • Supports alternative health solutions