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We recently added cash pay doctor’s appointments to our service offerings. Check out this Facebook Live video where we announce the new cash pay doctor’s appointment offer and we discuss why transparent cash pay prices are an important addition to our primary care clinic. You can check out our cash pay doctor’s visit prices here.


Dr. Hallgren: (00:01)

Hello, it’s Mission Direct Primary Care. I’m Dr. John Hallgren and this is Elizabeth. We’re coming to you from the world headquarters of Mission Direct Primary Care in the Regency area of Omaha. We are excited to be announcing some new services here.

Elizabeth Hallgren: (00:15)

I think we should re-announce, because I think we just went live.

Dr. Hallgren: (00:18)

Okay. We never really know with the new system, it’s a mystery. So in case we’re at the risk of repeating ourselves, we are Mission Direct Primary Care, a family medicine clinic, in the Regency area of Omaha providing direct payment and direct access, for all the care that we render, from newborn visits, to advanced life basically. So we’re a comprehensive family medicine clinic and we treat wellness, we treat chronic diseases, we treat acute and sick, and injured visits. And we’ve been doing that on a strictly membership basis for a long time since we opened about a year ago. But we decided we were going to start offering some single visits with the same transparent pricing so that you know what you’re paying for it before you come in. You will not have to guess at what you’re paying after you leave.

Elizabeth Hallgren: (01:11)

Yeah. So we’re in the midst of all of the COVID changes, changes to our economy, changes to people’s businesses and lives. We really took that time to do a strategic review of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. And our mission has always been first and foremost to remove barriers that people experience in accessing quality primary care. And there’s a lot of barriers. But one of the primary barriers is that cost barrier and the membership model is one way to fix that problem and is the best value for a whole lot of people. But as we looked at it I said, what are we doing? And who are we, why are we doing it? We also realized that in a way membership was a barrier too. And so we really wanted to bring something to the market and to our community that could help bring those really important high quality doctors visits and make it really clear and transparent what it’s going to cost you.

Elizabeth Hallgren: (02:13)

It’s next to impossible to go to an insurance paid traditional model clinic and say, “Hey, what is my well woman gonna cost?” “What if my kid needs to get their ear infection checked, what is that going to cost?” 

It’s always some answer like, well, it depends on your coverage. Depends on what insurance do you have, where are you at in your deductible and all of these unknowns. And that’s just not what we’re about. And so we decided that we wanted to continue to be a service particularly now in these really uncertain economic times for folks and be really clear and transparent. And so we have a menu. I posted it earlier on our Facebook page today, it’s also really clear and transparent on our website if you need a single visit, if you see the doctor, and a great doctor that is, you’re welcome. You will know, what is it going to cost? So, we’ve just created a little menu table of things. So we have sports physicals, physicals, school physicals…

Dr. Hallgren: (03:17)

Right? Yeah. So we have any wellness visits that you might need from a well woman visit with a pap smear, sports physicals for children. If you’re haven’t seen the doctor in a while, I want to make sure you’re in good health. We’ll do a top to bottom visit and we do include some basic health screening labs that help us make decisions in terms of your risk for things. That’s included. And for women, the pap smear is included as well.

Elizabeth Hallgren: (03:43)

I was just having a conversation with a group of women, in a networking group. And one of them commented that they called them another local independent practice that works on the traditional insurance based model. And they were cited a cost of at least $500 for a well woman visit with a pap smear, but it was undetermined and it could be more. That is not how we work. 

So our flat transparent price for a well woman visit, including the pap smear is $250. It’s stupid, it’s really, really stupid that everything in the world that you buy or service that you contract for, you know how much it’s going to cost you before you get into into the user relationship. But in healthcare and in medicine it’s just this mystery funny money and it’s bullcrap. And so we’re trying to be part of the solution.

Dr. Hallgren: (04:51)

Yeah. So the bottom line is we are offering single visits. I think that for most folks the membership is still going to be the best value. But for some people who aren’t ready to commit to a membership, this is a great way to come see what we’re all about. And for some people, this might actually be the better value over the course of the year. So we are excited to be offering it. It is real, plain, and simple. It’s really easy to understand on our website. So if there’s something that would appeal to you, if you’re not already one of our members or, someone, you know, please have them give us a call.

Elizabeth Hallgren: (05:23)

Yup. And they can just call and set up an appointment. So things that we’re not doing for single visits is it’s an appointment based single appointment. Your, your fee covers what’s covered in that appointment. So not the access by phone text, and email, all those things, to the doctors is for members only. This is just an appointment single visit.

Dr. Hallgren: (05:49)

Right. We do make follow ups, the simple follow ups, like if you need a repeat wart refreezing, they’re really cheap and simple to do as well. So their pricing is all outlined on the website.

Elizabeth Hallgren: (06:03)

So if you have any questions, drop them in the comments or give us a call. We’re really excited to be serving our community in this way. And again, be part of the solution to fixing the mess that healthcare is right now, because I think really people need it more than ever. And we’re really committed to serving our members and our community.

Dr. Hallgren: (06:22)

Yeah. So check out the new website, new and improved website, new and improved services. We’re excited to be serving as a community in this way now. And we look forward to seeing you sometime have a good day

Elizabeth Hallgren: (06:32)

Rainy afternoon. Right? Bye.


Give us a call at 402-509-8964 to schedule an appointment with the doctor for a transparent cash pay price today!


Elizabeth Hallgren is Co-Founder of Mission Direct Primary Care. She is focused on working with individuals and businesses to minimize the amount of money they spend on health care while receiving the highest level of care. Elizabeth has worked in healthcare marketing since 2011. She was entrepreneurship faculty at Tippie School of Business at the University of Iowa. She has worked with over 200 entrepreneurs to develop and scale sustainable business models. Ms. Hallgren has been an invited presenter at several conferences on entrepreneurship and economic development. She earned her M.B.A. at the University of West Florida.


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