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We’re excited about our new Telehealth+ membership and I wanted to share my thoughts on how it came about. I’ve always thought there is a relatively small set of people who are healthy and don’t need a physician that often, and who might not see the full value of our Primary Care Complete membership. We have thought about offering one-off appointments, but that gets away from both our care and business model.

With the adjustments we’ve had to make for COVID-19 and the success of utilizing telehealth visits as a default, we’ve seen that meaningful healthcare can be delivered in that manner, pandemic or no. Suddenly it hit us: a telehealth-based membership that provides the same necessary relationship and access to us that makes the care model work but costs less, and also provides an avenue for in-person visits when needed. 

While it doesn’t work for everything, telehealth visits can handle a lot.

Simple things like sinusitis, sore throats, bladder infections lend themselves easily, but so do more complex things like chronic disease management for high blood pressure and diabetes. It even works well for mood disorders like anxiety and depression. Having access to wholesale lab pricing means you’ll pay $5 for a cholesterol test, compared to $50-100 which is often the case through a large health system (of course you don’t know how much until for sure until they bill a few weeks later). 

When a problem can’t be addressed by telehealth, like getting stitches, inserting or removing an IUD, or having a mole removed, Telehealth+ members can be seen in person for an additional fee, with transparent pricing so you’ll know what you’ll be paying up front. Of course if at any time you need more frequent in person care you can switch to a Primary Care Complete membership and not have to change doctors and risk losing the relationship and knowledge of your full health history that your doctor has accumulated through your telehealth relationship.

Mission Direct Primary Care’s Telehealth+ membership works like this: $55/month for unlimited telehealth visits, including the same 24/7 access by phone or text for urgent needs that comes with the Primary Care Complete membership. It also includes access to wholesale lab pricing and coordination of care to make sure you’re getting the best prices on medications, imaging studies, and specialty consults.

To make sure we know you well enough to deliver safe and quality care virtually, the membership requires a one-time in-person comprehensive health assessment visit for $185, which includes basic health maintenance labs (including a Pap smear for women), a full medical history, assessment of your current medications and vaccines, a review of your important cancer screenings and preventative health measures, and an depth discussion of your health risks and goals. At any time if you or our doctors determine that an in-person visit is necessary they are offered on a fee-for-service basis with transparent pricing.

We think Mission Direct Primary Care’s Telehealth+ membership fills a gap in serving people who understand the value of having a doctor who knows you and your complete health history and membership-based medicine but aren’t sure the Primary Care Complete membership is the best value for them. The other great news is that for employers who contribute to a Health Savings Account for their employees, it’s a big win as the CARES Act makes the Telehealth+ membership compatible with those accounts. 

We are excited about our new membership offering and hope you’ll share the news with someone you think might benefit!

If you are interested in learning more about Mission Direct Primary Care click the button to below to schedule a free, no obligation meeting to get all of your questions answered.

John Hallgren, M.D.

John Hallgren, M.D. is the co-founder of Mission Direct Primary Care in Omaha, Nebraska. He graduated from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences medical school in 1995 and has been a board-certified family physician since completing residency in 1998. He is a 26-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and has been an assistant professor of family medicine for the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Uniformed Services University. He has several publications in such journals as American Family Physician and The Journal of Family Practice.


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