Isn’t it time your doctor worked directly for you?

Memberships start at $99 per month for the first adult in your family.

When you have a health concern you shouldn’t have to think about racking up another co-pay or per visit charge, waiting two weeks to see your doctor,  or being sent to an expensive and time-consuming one-and-done provider in an urgent care center or emergency room.

Mission Direct Primary Care founder, Dr. John Hallgren, believes that you deserve a personal relationship with your doctor. Someone who knows you and can respond to your needs promptly. Mission Direct Primary Care is designed to provide meaningful relationships with your doctor, access to your doctor when you need it, and maximize the value  received for your health care dollars.

Dr. Hallgren created Mission Direct Primary Care to provide patients in Omaha exactly that.  True primary care, made very simple.

Mission Direct Primary Care is very different than a traditional fee-for-service practice.

Watch our recorded Information Session to dive deeper into how we work and how we fit into the larger healthcare system.


Enrolling in Mission Direct Primary Care in Omaha provides you and your family personal access to your physician who knows you and your health needs.


We believe that a Mission Direct Primary Care employee membership benefit is a good value for all Omaha employers.


We are so happy to have you onboard! Access the patient portal for online appointment scheduling tool, and patient/ doctor communication.

What others say about Dr. Hallgren

“Dr. Hallgren recently became our family physician and it has been a great experience. He has been very attentive and prompt to see us if we have any issues. As a mother, I feel confident that we can reach them when we need them. He is also very kind and patient with our 3-year-old son, more so than any other doctor he has visited yet.” – DR via Facebook


“Dr. Hallgren embodies what family medicine is all about. He is always current on the latest evidence, is compassionate and adapts to each patient’s unique needs. His patients love him; his colleagues admire him. His commitment to giving his patients what they need, when they need it, is unsurpassed. When I leave the military, wherever I am, I hope to find a physician for my family that is exactly like Dr. Hallgren.” – Dillion S. via Facebook


“Dr. Hallgren and Elizabeth are a delight to work with. They’re professional and caring, which means a lot to me, and it’s reassuring to know they’re available for any emergencies that could happen in our family. I’d strongly recommend Mission Direct as a primary care doctor!” – WC via Google

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